Please show your appreciation for ZeeproForums and support server costs by donating! ZeeproForums was built for Zeepro by BDub, and now with Zeepro gone the responsibility is on us to keep the Zim community together :) Join in and help keep the forum running for all to benefit. Monthly server costs are $20USD, and all donations will be put towards this cost. All donation amounts are accepted. On the donation page, you may select "Make This Recurring" for an on-going monthly donation, cancel at any time. If the forum ever shuts down I will refund any further contributions if you should forget to cancel. Please note that donations to ZeeproForums are not tax-deductible for income tax purposes.

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We fully appreciate the generosity of those who donate to ZeeproForums, and it is very important to us to maintain the community's trust. If you use PayPal, they will require certain personal information from you in order to create and establish an account. Some of this information, such as your name, e-mail address, and donation amount will be transmitted to our PayPal account upon receipt of donation. Other details will only be held by PayPal, and not sent to us. Rest assured that the details of any donation received for ZeeproForums will be kept private and never sold or otherwise divulged to any third party. For example, these details include: names, e-mail addresses, mailing and return addresses (such as one written on an envelope or check).

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